Monday, 6 May 2013

A little shade is good

VERONICA gentianoides

Veronica gentianoides Dark Form

Veronica gentianoides "Tissington White"
Veronica gentianoides x intermedia
These very floriferous spring flowers have basal leaf clumps that are semi- evergreen. They are naturally from edge of woodland species liking soils with a high humus content and semi shade. Split clumps regularly to avoid the centre of the plant dying out.
This dark blue form has much narrower  very dark green leaves in comparison to any of the other varieties.

 The variety "Tissington White" was launched and named by Hardy's in 1991. This form has large mid green leaves and the individual florets are nearly twice the size of any other variety. It is very pale blue with dark blue anthers and blue veining to the petals. It originated in Derbyshire.

This form is one of the few that can be seed raised however there can be quite a bit of difference in the seedlings. Once you have a good form I advise vegetative propagation to keep the true clone. This is often misnamed as "Tissington White" but its flowers are smaller and bluer. It also is the last of the varieties to flower being 2 weeks later than most.

You may not notice it, but there is a perfume from these plants if only slight but enough for the early pollinators to notice. The dark form is the strongest and this is also the earliest to bloom.
Good ground cover plants in part shade.

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